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Z-Tracks are injectable medications that are injected into your body through a needle. They are designed to improve the effectiveness of other injections or even prevent infections from spreading during surgery. There are several types of z-tracks available including:

The most common type is the Subcutaneous (SC) version, which is usually administered via a syringe with a long needle inserted into your skin. These are typically used to treat certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer. SC versions are also commonly used for weight loss and to increase appetite.

The second most common type is the Intramuscular (IM) version, which is administered through a small needle inserted into your muscle. IM versions are often prescribed for arthritis pain or migraines.

There are also injectables that are not administered through needles at all. These include the inhalation versions of z-traces like the nasal spray or inhaled suppositories.

How Does Z-Track Work?

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand what exactly is going on when someone uses a z-track. Think of your body as a wall with many bricks, which are each part of your body. If we remove one of the bricks from the wall, it creates a gap in the wall that will eventually cause it to crumble and fall apart. While this isn’t always the case, when a needle is used to inject medication into your body it can potentially damage some of the surrounding tissue. Since z-tracks are designed to prevent damage to the tissue, it is able to stop your body from having adverse reactions to the medication.

The way this works is actually quite simple, and can be broken down into two steps. In the first step, the needle injects the medication under the skin without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. In the second step, a tiny plug of tissue, called a “z-track,” is injected along with the medication.

The z-track acts as a barrier between the medication and your body, stopping it from having any adverse reactions or damaging your tissue. The z-track is then slowly absorbed by your body over the course of several weeks.

How Can I Use Z-Tracks?

Z-Tracks are very easy to use. If you’re using a subcutaneous injection, then all you have to do is inject the medication under your skin as you would with any other medication. If you’re using an intramuscular injection, then all you have to do is inject the medication into your muscle as you would any other medication.

Z-Tracks are also very easy to get and they’re available just about anywhere that you can get your hands on injectable medication. For example, if you’re getting a Subcutaneous injection from your doctor, they will probably give you the z-track medication along with the medication that you came in for. If you’re getting an intramuscular injection from your doctor, then they will probably give you both the medication and the z-track medication at the same time.

Even if you’re not getting a prescription for injectable medication, there are still multiple ways that you can get z-tracks on your own. For example, if you go to a “black market” clinic to buy injectable HGH or steroids, they will almost certainly have z-tracks available. Another common way to get your hands on z-tracks is to buy them online.

Since z-tracks are extremely cheap (usually costing less than $20), they’re a very attractive way for black market pharmaceutical companies to make a profit.

Why Would I Use Z-Tracks?

The main reason why you would want to use a z-track is to prevent damaging your muscle tissue when you’re injecting an oil-based medication. Since z-tracks work so well at preventing damage to your tissue, they will almost certainly prevent the negative side effects that are commonly associated with oil-based medication.

The most common reason why people use oil-based medication is to increase muscle growth. While there are certainly other ways you can do this, many athletes and bodybuilders find that using oil based injectable HGH or testosterone gives them a marked increase in muscle growth and athletic performance. If you’re one of these people and have been considering using oil-based hormones, then you should strongly consider z-tracks.

How Do Z-Tracks Prevent Damage?

Z-tracks prevent damage by stopping the medication that you’re using from seeping into your bloodstream. Since none of the medication is getting into your bloodstream, all of it stays within the muscle that you just injected, leading to a very fast increase in size.

The other piece of the puzzle is the z-track itself. Since the z-track is present within the muscle you’re injecting, it can be broken down and excreted normally. If a normal injection would be slowly broken down by your body and excreted over time, a z-track is designed to be quickly broken down and excreted, leading to little to no presence in your bloodstream.

What Are Z-Tracks Used For Besides Oil-BASED Medication?

Z-Tracks are only designed for and usable with liquids (or oils) that are going to be injected intramuscularly. If you’re using an oil-based medication like testosterone or HGH, then you can use a z-track to increase the effectiveness and reduce the negative side effects of your medication.

If you want to use a liquid that is not oil based, then you will have to get a normal syringe. This means that you cannot use z-tracks for subcutaneous or intradermal injections.

How Do I Use A Z-Track?

Z-Tracks are really simple to use, assuming that you’re using them for intramuscular injections, which is the only type of injection they can be used for. The steps are as follows:

Wash your hands and clean the injection area with alcohol.

Pinch up a large amount of skin at the injection area and hold it.

With your thumb or other hand, jab the needle into the pinched up skin at an angle of 90 degrees.

Once the needle is fully inserted, release the pinched up skin and pull back slightly on the plunger to make sure there is no blood in the syringe. If blood enters the syringe, discard the syringe and start over with a new one.

Push the plunger down until the medication is at the desired depth.

Release the medication and observe your injection site. Wait until the medication disappears into your tissue before patching up your injection area.

How Does A Z-Track Prevent Damage?

Z-Tracks prevent damage by rapidly clearing the medication from your blood. Since none of the medication enters your bloodstream, it cannot do any damage to your body or cause any side effects.

The advantage of using a z-track for an intramuscular injection is that all of the medication stays within the muscle where you injected it. This allows for a very fast and effective increase in muscle size and performance, without any of the downsides that you would get from having the medication enter your bloodstream.


Z-Tracks are an effective way to get the advantages of oil-based injections without any of the downsides. They prevent damage to your internal organs but still allow you to get very fast, effective intramuscular results. These are a great way to use oil-based injections without any damage, and the only real ways you can use oil-based injections properly.

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Z-Track Injections Overview - TheWetLab (2024)
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