What are the best-looking pickup trucks in 2024? (2024)

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Of all the best-looking trucks, the ones we like most tend to be styled for purpose, whether that purpose is cutting through the air, getting to a campsite and looking like it belongs there, or simply trudging over trails. No truck looks better than when it’s in action. Here are our picks for the trucks that we like to behold doing what they were designed to do.

GMC Sierra AT4X

Modern full-size trucks are comically capable, and that includes when bounding down trails and carving new ruts. The GMC SIerra AT4X adds to that capability, and the AEV Edition pictured adds more on top, though not enough to seriously impair on-road driving. Leaving the factory with a host of off-road upgrades including a 2-inch lift and Multimatic dampers, the AEV Edition we tested stickers for $91,085. Those interested in building their own rig will balk, but there has rarely been an easier proposition to get into a proper custom off-road truck. Factory-built and factory-warrantied trucks are rarely this capable and rarely look this fit for purpose.

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Rivian R1T

Built for those who may not be interested in standard full-size pickups, the almost-full-size all-electric Rivian R1T is made to stand out while still being practical. Sleeker and more aerodynamic than standard gas or diesel pickups, not to mention substantially capable on and off the road, the R1T keeps the traditional overall shape while ditching the traditional details. Despite still having a bed you can reach into from the side, Rivian says the R1T has a drag coefficient roughly 50 percent lower than a Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck, which contributes to running costs less than half that of a standard gasoline pickup. Efficiency doesn’t sell trucks like the Rivian’s Raptor-like off-road abilities and carlike on-road abilities, but we think it looks excellent.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Full-size trucks define the mainstream, but the smaller midsize off-roaders can get into and out of places others may not, in addition to weighing less and looking just as cool. The Chevy Colorado ZR2 can be optioned to look like something out of a Tonka toy playset and is all the better for it. The best part is that this midsize off-road monarch rides better than the standard truck on the highway and almost carlike on the road, making it an excellent daily driver that can tear up an ORV park on a whim.

Ford Maverick Tremor

The full-size truck faithful were certain the unibody, compact, hybrid Ford Maverick would flop on arrival, and then the order books broke under the demand. While the main reason for those bursting order books was the hybrid, the AWD-capable Ecoboost Maverick trucks garner their own praise with the Tremor package. Adding a little spice to the standard Maverick, the color keyholes on the wheels and bright badges match the spunky vibe of the truck’s colorful interior. The Tremor package is more than an appearance pack, with a lift, skidplates, 4WD lock and a rear locking drive unit among other upgrades. That’s more than enough to get the pluckiest Ford truck where it needs to go.(Note: A 2023 model is pictured)

Nissan Frontier Hardbody

The best-looking trucks are all built for a purpose, and this one’s purpose is inciting nostalgia. It performs this purpose well — perhaps too well. The current Nissan Frontier is a fine, good-towing, hard-working truck, but its midsize competition outperforms it in about every metric while the ride and driving are much easier. Bringing some of the classic truck’s cool factor into the new vehicle was a good move, though we wish the new one drove as new as a 2024 Ranger or Colorado.

Jeep Gladiator

"Off-road sports car” was first used to describe the original Bronco, but the Jeep Gladiator might be the best modern example of such a thing. Terrifying to tow with, not immensely capable as a beast of burden, but extremely adept off-road, the Gladiator ignores practical concerns in favor of all the adventures people post on Instagram. While not ideal on the highway between overlanding jaunts, or on suburban roads away from the trail, the Gladiator earns its Jeep grill and removable doors when doing things worth posting about.

GMC Canyon

Similar to the Truck of the Year-winning Chevy Colorado, the GMC Canyon is well sized and well proportioned. More mature and less aesthetically daring than the Colorado, the Canyon’s look suits its GMC brand while remaining far from boring. The interior design of the Canyon is also upscale, making it a great place to spend time.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

More crossover than pickup, the Hyundai Santa Cruz is less popular than the Maverick, sure, but its style is meant to appeal to a different audience. Instead of the slab sides, front and rear of a standard pickup, the Santa Cruz brings some streamlining, and even some minor curves. Despite being less bricky than its sole competitor, it is more capable in terms of towing, though its bed is smaller.

GMC Hummer EV

When it comes to the emergent class of EV supertrucks, the GMC Hummer EV forms a great counterpoint to both the sensibly forward-leaning R1T and the purposely offensive Cybertruck. While wild to a fault like the Tesla, it does so by being the biggest and baddest truck, rather than attempting to turn the truck concept into something else. The Hummer EV’s WTF mode and general driving manners contribute to its status as one of the ultimate means of wowing bystanders and passengers, despite being hilariously impractical as a means of transportation or work compared to the better-handling Rivian.

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Best-looking trucks on sale in 2024

  • GMC Sierra AT4X
  • Rivian R1T
  • Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
  • Ford Maverick Tremor
  • Nissan Frontier Hardbody
  • Jeep Gladiator
  • GMC Canyon
  • Hyundai Santa Cruz
  • GMC Hummer EV

Photos by MotorTrend and Manufacturer

What are the best-looking pickup trucks in 2024? (2024)
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