UK’s first Tesla Cybertruck on sale for shocking sum but it’s not road legal (2024)

THE first Tesla Cybertruck has gone up for sale in the UK - even though drivers still have no idea if it will be LEGAL to drive on roads here.

An imported silver 2024 version of the futuristic vehicle is on sale on Autotrader for £145,995 - making it the first version to be offered to UK buyers.




It means they can enjoy armoured-glass and a faster 0-60mph time than a McLaren or Lamborghini.

But experts say Elon Musk’s electric pick-up may fail British safety regulations because of its angular design - and vast weight.

The truck’s description on Autotrader reads: “Discover the future of driving with the Tesla Cybertruck, Unleash the power of innovation with the all-new Tesla Cybertruck.

“Designed to defy expectations and redefine what a truck can be, the Cybertruck combines futuristic aesthetics with unmatched performance.

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UK’s first Tesla Cybertruck on sale for shocking sum but it’s not road legal (4)
UK’s first Tesla Cybertruck on sale for shocking sum but it’s not road legal (5)
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“Rugged Design, Cutting-Edge Technology, Exoskeleton: Crafted from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel, the Cybertruck’s nearly impenetrable exoskeleton provides ultimate durability and passenger protection.

“Armor Glass: The Tesla Armor Glass is ultra-strong, engineered to absorb and redirect impact force for unparalleled protection.

“Uncompromised performance, power: Accelerate from 0-60 mph in as little as 2.9 seconds with up to 500 miles of range.

“Whether it’s a worksite or the wilderness, the Cybertruck’s tri-motor AWD delivers top-tier performance on and off-road.”

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UK regulations state the front end of a vehicle must be designed to protect pedestrians in the event of a collision.

This means cars must have crumple zones, not extend more than 3.05 metres beyond the forward-most axle and must not be sharp or angular with protruding parts that could cause injury.

Elon Musk unveils the Tesla electric Cybertruck pickup before testing thearmouredwindows, which crack in live demonstration

However, there are fears the Cybertruck’s front end is too sharp to satisfy current rules, and may crush pedestrians in the event of a collision.

The pick-up’s massive bulk would mean the Department for Transport would class it as a Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) - needing owners to obtain a Category C1 driving licence.

The C1 licence applies to vehicles with a maximum gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes - with data suggesting the Cybertruck comes in somewhere between 3.6 and 4.5 tonnes.

A spokesman for car leasing provider Stable Vehicle Contracts previously said it was unlikely to ever be released commercially by the Tesla in the UK - meaning motorists looking to own one would have to import it privately.

The cybertruck is being sold by Leicester-based global car dealer Auto Export via the Autotrader website.

Co-owner Imran Adam, 45, said the firm had around half-a-dozen of the vehicles that were currently in the UAE - and buyers can have one in UK soil within just three weeks.

He said: "We are about 70 or 80 percent sure that we will get the go-ahead from the DVLA that the cybertruck can be driven on roads in this country.

“It is just a case of waiting for a decision now. They haven't said 'no' so far, so that is a good sign.

"I understand that Tesla is working hard behind the scenes with some modifications that would make it suitable for here, because at the moment the angular design may not pass our safety regulations as it currently is.

"If it gets the thumbs up, then we would look at another issue, which is the weight, and see how we can work with the government on that.
“But we don't want to run before we can walk.

"If the government says it's ok, we can have the vehicles in the UK in 20 days. It's very exciting.

“There is massive interest in the cybertruck among UK drivers, and we have had dozens of calls about it.


UK’s first Tesla Cybertruck on sale for shocking sum but it’s not road legal (10)
UK’s first Tesla Cybertruck on sale for shocking sum but it’s not road legal (11)
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"It is an amazing piece of machinery - it is totally unrecognisable from any other 20th or 21st century car, and a lot of people are very curious."

Imran added that prospective buyers could place an order now - but wouldn't be expected to pay until the cybertruck was cleared for use here.


UK’s first Tesla Cybertruck on sale for shocking sum but it’s not road legal (2024)
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