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The Biggest All Negro Weekly The Af ro AmericanBaltimore Saturday August 31 12 A NEW JERBY The' Stormy Career 6 I Ax in Asi QoYouKnoyv at Wm sdelphla Afro ashions fly Aunt Dilsev Of Thursday Ocean it School Carolina By OUR avA weyMECARfcr at Can't Do TfotHEn TH1 lb bo martin Comes 04 girt 4 riuott Smith a fly time of on boon uni rd entire day waa and decorating thrown open to appointed the hosts honor Rice course Those present were: Mr and He nade famous the lais method in i tenlng to selections over the radio There swore two large Sunday 'School and Church picnics on the campus re cently One was from Grover and York 8O and the i other from Lincolnton Dal las Gastonia Mt Holly and Lowell WC? All lenjoyed themselves and expressed Ap preciation to Mr and Mrs Ricks for the privilege of using the beautiful grounds of uncoin Acsaemy Edward Africa who has 1 had in his possession numerous doc uments which would have been im portant to World War historians This book cannot be read withe realizing the complete mas tery of pugilism It is thought that the pugilist cannot rise higher than' the level of the brute The career demonstrates the fact that anV given occupation can be so thor our workb before you order Teeth MODERN PAIN REDUCING METHODSi WAen Other Werh Dn AttMhtldMB fllWMS Kapwasm Bsaeas 5 New Im HECOLITE PLATES last! The Veriest Hate la the Wlate that la daily labor Ink Stains on Hands solution of peroxide of hydro containing few drops of am i GANEY SOUTH CAROLINA GANEY 8 Mfs Ola Rice and Mas ter James Rice of Louisville are the nouse guests ox Mr and Mrs Brown the sister at 333 street Mr and Mrs Richard Petty were to a lovely party Thursday night in of Mrs Julia Byers and Mrs Ola After many deligthful games a salad waa serveu Mrs John Henderson Mr and Mrs Men denhaU Lipscomb Mrs fettle Rom Miss Bertha Goode Mrs Minnie Goodlock Mrs Annie Low Holmes Mr and Mrs Elliott Brown i Mrs Gertrude Wood waa hostess to a delightful luncheon riday In honor of Mrs Eva house guests Those honored were Mrs Viola Byors Mrs Ola Rice Master James Rice Mrs Eva Brown Jeffries and Miss Annie Harris Among those who went 6a the excursion and spent a few days as the guests of Mrs A Mayes Charleston 8C were Mr and Mrs Richard Petty Elliott Brown and loyd Goodwin LORENCE SOUTH CAROLINA i LORENCE 6C A committee of colored: men headed by Dr Levy met with' the City Park Commissioners (white) to select a place for a colored park The commissioners gladly received them and as sured them that a' park would be given the colored people of this elty The members of the committee went out and selected two sites of which one will be selected for the park The members of the committees were: Dr Levy Dr Wm Lee Wil liams Dr Brown Dr Dantz ler and Mr John Buchannon Everything is being placed In readiness for the opening of school thia fail the campus being beautified with new side walks at both the Wilson high school and the East Side school The home has been repaired Rev 8 Thomas preached strong sermon Bunday He received four new mem bers In the chureh A large amount of tobacco is being sold In and around lorence Timmonsville and Lake City having the lead Borne of the physicians of this city are at tending the National Medical Association this month Rev Dorsey Johnson visited lorence for a few daya last week While in the city he ran a meeting for his brother Rev William Johnson He left for his hom*o In Kentucky Monday Miss Almeta Williams la tn New York of Sierra iLeone Wert been studying Agriculture at Tuskegee Institute stopped over Lin coln Academy en route to New York While at the academy he sppka to the Christian Endeavor Society He also held a meeting on the lawn with the commmunlty folk Mr Edwards Is a retired Brisltsh Govern ment officer In Africa 0 WILLIAMSTON NORTH CAROLINA WILLIAMSTON Miss Luella Slade motored to Nagshead Beach Sunday with a party where she Is spending the week Miss Rosalyn Pasemore Scranton Pa and Mrs Cassidy Durham were the week end guests of Miss Cleo Andrews McBgayer Darden Drs Rob inson and Kennedy and others of Wilson said to friends on South Elm street Wednesday The mid summer dance at the warehouse Monday evening was a decided success Dance lovers from Plymouth Windsor Greenville Rocky Mount and other nearby towns joined the locals in the affair Joe Sprull was the successful promoter i Philip A Eseoffery attorney was here: on Saturday Ruffin Elizabeth City spent a few hours hero Wednesday night Roberts and others were hers i on Wednesday i Mrs Rebecca Everetts is visiting her sis ter Mrs rank1 Griffin and family i The annual outing of the "XJ" and clubs went Jointly to Beach on the Sound Thursday Miss Gray Mr and Mrs Cherry and Miss Louslla Slade motored to Mt Olive onThursday Miss Zada Rodgers returned home Wednes day after spending her vacation In Norfolk Virginia Mr and Mrs Joe James spent the week end in Bertie visiting Mr parents Miss Louella Blade returned home Mon day after spending several days in Elisabeth City I I Mrs Maggie Alexander Is very 111 at her home on Hyman street Mrs Belle Hassell Is still on the sick list Mrs Carrie Ormond spent Bunday 1 1 In Hamilton NC Mr and Mrg Charlie Harris had a family reunion at their home on Legetts Lane About forty attended the dinner I There was a concert given at the court house Wednesday for the benefit of the Juvenile Class and the Charity Club of the Daughter Elks Several selections were ren dered by young ladles of this city MissMartha Stokes a soprano soloist sang Promise Me" There was a contest be tween two quartets namely Plymouth NC versus Jamesville NC the latter being the winner Likewise a solo contest was held between Miss Bailie Riddick who is tak ing her last year at the State normal school Elizabeth City and Mrs Dasle Hassell of lymouth NC The courthouse was crowd'ed with stran gers from Jamesville Plymouth Darden Oak City Windsor and Williamston Miss Riddick won the prize The Judges of the evening were Bam aulk George Hyman Pete owden white Criss Manning proprie tor of the printing press white Misses Maggie Lloyd and Callie Rjngold Washington Miss Carrie Blade on Saturday Mesdames Lillie Cooper an4 Otelia Boone and Joseph Oooper visited Mln Cleo anarews rnaay Profs Chance and Broadhurst the Parmele Training School were here riday Household Scrapbook Sewing Room Hint Cut the strips i containing buttons and buttonholes from discarded (garments and use them underin new garments It saves ana il xf At mi Pleasia tbeasands all ever the United Zlata Ton san new eb tain it frem wt a moderate prlee UNBREAKABLE! No moro trouble with broken olataa! Clean non exactly matebo rana Gives absolute mouth comfort VnliDfted guarantee Extracted ree A swearing all colored women It shows that romances were not com mletely with women of the white race I Moreover no other woman monop iivaM hie illil llllw LLLali wuCu lHn fair Marv Austin a colored beau jty who deserted him frequently for tannthpr yet who was always forgiv en Many women played a part in £is life and he tells of their inspira REIDSVILLE NORTH CAROLINA REIDSVILLE Mrs Jones has returned from a Visit to New York City Niagara alls and Atlantic City Mr and Mn Lewis McKee are spending weir vacation in menmona va Professor A McRae who has attending summer school at Columbia verslty has returned to the city The Bufiday School' union plenlo flnlta an affrtlr Mr and Mrs John Mullins enter tained at a dinner party Tuesday night for Mr and Mrs Lacy Crisp and their guests Jerome Bailey who has been ill for the past two weeks is much better Mrs Mayes of White Sulphur Springs Va Is visiting her daughter Mrs Archer Mrs Anqle Belle Miller le quite alck at her residence on Holdesby street Dr Clark' is new physician to th town Miss Nannie King Mr and Mrs King Miss Beatrice Lomax and Dr Ora isher were the guests of Mr and Mrs Bass over the week end ROMQNA Perfume Shop 1 603 Pennsylvania Ave (Near McMechen Street) High Grade Perfumes rom All Over the World 1 1 i i tr WVirgina CLARKSBURG WEST VIRGINIA CLARKSBURG Mrs1 Inez 1 1 West and daughter Rose Ann of Washington DC are visiting in the city at the home of her mother Mrs Lutie Luck Mr and Mrs Jsfferson and son vlslted several days with Mrs Julia Ruffin on Haymond highway 1 A welner roast was given Tuesday' night by Mrs Lutie Luck at Bridgeport proceeds for the benefit of the rally Wm Redd Lx has returned home from Athens Ohlo where he attended summer school Li Word was received here that Mr and Mrs Charles Huhter are the proud patents of a fine baby Mrs Hunter before her marriage was Catherine McCard i They re side in Wheeling WVa Mrs Ashby Grayson entertained a few friends Monday evening at her home on Marshall street In honor of her house guest Mrs Beulah Benson and Miss Ruth Wilkes from Detroit Mich and also her husband's birthday i i Ciards was the diversion of i the evening Prizes were won by Miss Ellen Lacey ranklin and Miss Essie Colstan I Prizes also given to the honor guests After the social hour the hostess assisted by1 Mrs Annie Meade served a dainty repast Those present were: Mrvnd Mrs A Danger field Mr and Mrs Lacey Mr and Mn Wm Boumany Mr and Mrs Cager McCoy Mr and Mrs Mlles Banks Mr and oughly mastered that It becomes an art No one ever penetrated the de fense of 'Jack Johnson Even today he is known as the greatest defensive fighter the world has ever known This is demonstrated in the fact that he possesses no cauliflower ears and his countenance is as unmarred as that of the person who has never donned a boxing glove game Ms tactics and his style were all devised by himself He never depend ad upon his associates for his baffling ringcraft Ihdeed he was the beginner of a school of boxing This book reveals many of the se crets of the great success tells of his persecutions the attempts on his life and many other inci dents that arouse ery emotion of the reader nected with this mystery althoiwh 1 her innocence is almost certain cause of the bizarre explanation her connection will let it Mit unw we havei proven or disproven theory" he said "take this aw keep your finger on the button? pl handed me the flashlight I tS first sound of the Creeping SonSf flash this light on and WatS? Keep your gun ready but I do above all things shoot until you sure it is necessary No matter wK enters this room though DO Nn? LET IT OR HIM APPROACH WITHIN LENGTH Ym UNTIL I AM IN THE ROOM TOwr YOU tell you They are: what uie uvac ui vreepmg now it mi rers or leaves ana wny or how th1 door seems to be sealed during interim of its coming and It may be some monstrous shape the master of this tearful some r3al monster of his na tive heath I know not The rea sons that have motivated the whole thing I can tell you however and that is the age old human lure of I learned in my I guise of friend to the master of this hinu plot that has taken years in the making It was the only! way to solve it to checkmate the hor riuxe iwwcr nos spreaq in unbelievably unexpected places i "I will leave you now I shall follow upon the heels of the IcrigbS ING THING and I think I can saVe you or share vour fate" He turned without further words and was gone By the light of my flash I crossed to the great four poster bed and Saw UwWU QU Ivo Cm" UaTvCvCQ HSj glance aiong me oeam ox ngnt to ward the tall door It gleamed dulh black in the lifcht I shut off the flash and sat still and wait Ing i I '7' fail to see what the Creep ing Thing is! The entire zotutibsi carried in the last Installment to Dsbllshed in next issue) 1 1 Artificial Teeth is Durable Lifelike with natural look Ing gums beau tiful to look at a rful im provement over old style plate gen containing few drops of am monia will remove ink stains from the hands i i When Too Much Salt If food is too salty place a wet cloth over the top of the vessel which is cooking The steam will draw the salt into the cloth A Substitute Bodkin i A smooth safety pin for thin or lacy material makes an excellent bod kin The pin holds the material se curely ace Wrinkles Try binding: the forehead with a linen bandage soaked in equal parts of alcohol and the white of an egg allowing the bandage to remain over night THeGREEPING'THIpic By CORA JEAN MOTEN The Well Known Serial Writer 5 8 Grant street Plckney A McCorkle MCGIU 57 120 Wallace avenue 50 317 Latt JEBSEY CITY NEW JERSEY JER8BY CITY Mr A Simmons oL Kearney avenue anfi 3ra Laura Walker of 35 Kearney avenue are both lojournlnr in Saratoga NY Both of these ladle are wlve prominent poli tician They will return after Labor Day Jerome Biassey now of Springfield Maa waa accompanied by biz wife and aon Ited here last week Mr Blaaaey te the former M1m Usher of New York City They visited relatives in New York Mrs Blassey's brother John Usher whUe the visit In Jersey was to the home of Mr Biassey the vice president: of the Colored Men's Reg ular Republican Association Inc Mr and Mrs Henry Young who were recently married In thia city have returned from their honeymoon? and win reside In New York City Mrs Young la the former Miss Georgiana Jone The first fall meeting of the Colored Men's Regular Republican Association Ine will be held at Ito headquarter 3M or rest street riday September th at Which time' the formal opening of the feU cam paign will take place The president of the association Bion Jones '1 a candidate for member of the general assembly of the state on the regular Republican ticket NEWRK NEW JERSEY NEWARK red Whisant and Walter Striker are on a motor trip to Montreal Canada and Boston Mas They expect to return in time for the ball to be given In the Orange Armory by the Annual Medical Aaeoclation which to in session In the dty of Newark NT Mrs James Atkins Sr Is tn Richmond Va attending the convention of the St I Luke's The Rev and Mr Lewis XUerson of Thirteenth Avenue Presbyterian Church thia city are on their vacation during which they are touring in the South George Good wine Jr musician and super intendent of the Sunday school of Tnlr eenth Street Presbyterian Church is on a vacation The Rev Thomas Wyatt of 40 Bank street gave service Ito the members of Trinity Presbyterian I Church Bloomfield NJ during the ebsenee of their pastor the Rev Harvey Aonque while on his vaca tion in Asbury Park NJ Mrs Mamie Benedict and her husband formerly of are now conducting the Benedict Cottage 'a fifteen room house at 55 Ridge avenue I An enjoyable evening was spent at the debut of Miss Dorothy Louise oster daugh ter of Mr and Mrs Thomas oster of this city last Monday Ths affair was held the home of the parents In Monmouth street While the guests were blng served enter tainment was provided by Mlis Dorothy Harris who sang and also gave a piano selection from a Paderewski The honoree is very popular around New ark being president of the Sigma Club re cently formed by the i younger social set She has also recently been graduated from Monmouth Street School with second honors and plans to enter Central High in Septem ber Guests at the party included Misses Dorothy Harris Verta Bea Plowden Susan Albritton Mosatta Jackson Incille Dantels of Bellrue NJ Jessie Buns Anna MeDugal Ruby Drake Ocy Hodge Graee and Alberta oster and Edlthe Henfiersoh Messrs Harry and Gebrge Lewis John Giles Georgs Besselieu Robert Plater Robert Roebuck Alfred Henderson Randolph Miller Kenneth ields? Claude Henderson John Ringgold Sam Brock Willie Neal Herman Hodge James Williams John and WilliamBrown and Rufus Ourry Others present were Mr and Mrs Cornell oster Mr and Mrs Theodore' Smith of New York Miss Ruby Clark Janet oster Miss Sadie Regram of Charlotte NC graduate of Shaw University in June Miss Pegram has been th guest at Misses Janet and Al berta oster for the part week i (Continued fom page eleven) life Is at stake but so also' is my own IX you were different type of man I would be afraid to trust you but as it is an explanation as blzan as this one nust be would I am afraid make you lunder rate th serious possibilities while at the same time it might undermine your faith in me and yourself I am frfink with you because there is no other He looked at me stralghtly I returned his gaze in kind I you want to go the question was curt The reply was every bit as decided and terse I he stepped aside and motioned me ahead of him 1 Went down the narrow passage to the tail narrow door of the octagonal room Grasping the knob I opened! it and walked inside Then I turned toward my companion 1 "I am going to ask you to remain in this He was lock ing! me keenly on the alert for any possible fear or shrinking I flatter myself that he saw none much I will tell you so that you may be on your guard as much as human strength can guard you There ire madmen mixed in this tangle of mystery madmen who have all the cunning of (their kind enhanced by scientific knowledge of no mean quality and dominated by a master of sinister arts and inhu man methods There Are ((secrets about this room that I do not know Secrets that add to thei danger of those who must perforce remain within it to solve its mystery1) i I know that in some mysterious way that I must yet penetrate there is a connection between this room and a sub cellar at Beal House which while it is miles away by road is not nearly so fax by di rect route as the crow flies I know this through Amanda Beal who is as anxious to solve the mystery and connection as you are and whose own safety she feels and has feared for a long time is at stake The ofd woman whom you just saw Is con (Continued from page eleven) i light heavyweight champion xhiD also Aais Gardner by a knockout in 3an "rran lthe cisco on March 3L190Z ouw ttgnts un the coast provided tne worst Punishment Jack ever received at the hands of a boxer Hank Griffen the punishing opponent who held a cision over Jim Jeffries "Jack unmercifully while Jack experienced great difficulty in keeping both en counters to draws Another event that colored Jack career was ms aavenuue tune teller This woman revealed ha oast in such accurate detail that haan astounded It was: she who pre dicted for him a tumultuous career Jack won i the heavyweight cham pionship of the world in 19Q0 in New South Wales Tommy Bums whd was £en the recognized title holder had been chased practically all lover the And it was not until Jack sacrificed nearly every posable and advantage that ithis encountei whs staged The purse wab $35fi and share was a mere $5000 Burns made every possible objection He quibbled about the the purse the time the place and several other matters while Jack determined to bring the fight about (Conceded every issue He had no doubt of the outcome and could afford i' mr concessions Burns was lambasted and' belabor ed in such a fashion that it was weeks before ne was able deri any comfort from mere existence respective of his becoming 1 present i able The challenger was not harmed This had been one of the easiest fights of his career though one of the most Important Because of color It was then declared that still another fight was necessary: before the i championship I could be claimed Those who wished i i to find a then appealed i to Jim Jeffries to recover the titler At first Jeffries declined to do this realizing that by all con i i siderations he had absolutely no claim to the title However after much importuning he consented to do the Impossible Jeffries up 'and dowr country on theatrical! engagements announcing that "Jack! was i and that his defeat was certain Dur ing this period Jack was in intense training developing himself for ie that was to croWn him! the greatest pugilist of al) time The governor of California refused to permit the bout in that State i so it was staged in Reno Nevada on July 4 1910 Jim Jeffries received tne lacmg mat nis uneuuuui before the fight! caused him deserve 1 Though this was the only instance in which Jack had bled during a fight he was never harmed nor scratched and in fact never extended The bleeding was not due to blows but due to a butt on the lower lip by an unusually active sparring partner Just before the Jeffries fight The Jeffries fight brought Jack the first real purse of his career He re ceived sixty per cent of the gate re ceipts which was sixty thousand dol lars also a bonus of ten thousand dollars and picture rights which net ted him about fifty thousand dollars Moreover after this encounter he became the unquestioned master of the world Subsequent championship bouts never endangered the title and there was no question that Johnson's supremacy was held by the sole right of his superior skill Much speculation has been rife as to the truth of the story that the Willard fight was framed Jack clears this in a straightforward manner i It is true that this fight was a "frame up for However it was due to the fact that the great champion a much persecuted Individual wisned to see once more his true friends and loved ones That Willard could I in il no way 1 match wits with Jack is amply point i ed out in the fact that Jack had to constantly urge him to land a blow even though it was well known to Willard that upon a certain signal iJack was to relinquish the champion 'ship Perhaps or i the greatest (difficulties Jack experienced in the (ring was finding a blow sufficiently severe to justify an i appearance of taking the count 4 I It is i frequently stated' that 'Jack never possessed a genuine apprecia tion for colored women consequent ly his marriage to white women But this is highly exaggerated Ini the chapter entitled "Romances and Re he explains how it was the heartaches caused by two col ored women that turned him to white women Although ithis hardly seems an adequate (explanation for for AHOSKIE NORTH CAROLINA AHOSKIE The dedication of the home office 'of the GUO of Queen of the Orient Ahoskie wa held Wednesday August 14 The office was formerly opened vu nayes avenueu me Siren over to preparing the room which were the 'public at night Promotlv at the hour delegation and friends assembled at the Masonic Hall and marched to the new building from the porch of which a num ber of visitor and friend addressed the delegate who stood In front of the office Among the speaker 'of the occasion were: Rev Patterson pastor of th irst Baptist Church of! this city Mr Viola McMillan of Tarboro grand recording' secretary oi we oraer: Mrs Rachel Luton Windsor Bertie County supervisor and Mitchell MD of Plvtnouth NC Sonvenlrs were given to iaU who were present and refreahsmto were served at the Masonic HaU by the members of the local court The founder of the organisation 1 Mrs Mary Sills KINGS MOUNTAIN NORTH CAROLINA KINGS MOUNTAIN NO Mis Viola McKnlght office secretary and stenogra pher at Lincoln Academy baa returned from her vacation In Chicago and Har veystmrg Ohio the latter place being her home i Mn Mildred WeUmon Amey and children of Durham Nc are spending a Arney parent Mr and Mrs West Wellmon 4'v at 1 1 A social was neld the home arers Rick Saturday for the benefit of the missionary society of the church AH participated' In playing games and Us zuf A HA 4 4 Union Dental Parlors Cor Lexington and Eutaw Sts Established 20 Yean Opp Lex Mkt Phone Cal 2990 Ik I 1 I 1 ray Only 10 or Baltimore's inest amous PLATE Never Equalled at the Price i Yon Can Eat With Them' Thoy Stick Do Not Slip Positively Guar nntoed Absolutely Comfortable Wo glad Sit 1 THE ARO AMERICAN Pattern Bureau 1 12 Sterling Plate Brooklyn NY ibM other address and! use this address only for ARO Patterns I LADIES' Cut In 5 Sizes: 34 35 38 40 and 42 indies bust Jneseu A 38 inch size requires 3 yards of material 36 Inches wide or wider: or collar sleeve facings and belt of contrasting material yard 3 inches wide is requl re crosswise Th width of the Dress at the lower edge with fulness extended 1 I Price 10c i 1 I Cut In 4 Sizes: 6 8 10 and 12 years A 12 year size Pri material together with 4k yard of contrasting material cut crossvw DRESS OR JUNIOR AND Cut in 4 Sizes 14 16 18 and A IS year size requires 4 yards of 30 inch mated! To make the kerchief ban4 I and belt of contrasting material will require' yard 30 Inches wide Price 10c Im Send 12c in sliver or stamps for our UP TO DATE ALL AND WINTER 1929 sv? I ASHIONS i a' 5 I 1 Carolina she will soon reeeivo the MA degree She Is an AB graddate oCShfcW Univer sity and a teacher in th tWllson high school 1 Mrs Ida i E' Green teaching In the Darlington County summer school tor teach ers She is an AB graduate of dtafiln University and has don summer work st State College and was for a number of years teacher In the Wilson high school Miss Mabel Williams has just return! from A Collage' Greensboro NC where she has been attending ummer school Prof Grant ha been offered the principalship of several school Rev Tailor who was for 'a num ber of year pastor of Trinity Baptist Church ran a fine meeting at hl church 'a few weeks ago Several souls were saved Rev Taylor ha served the people of lor ence longer than any other minister of this city He 1 now pastor of Peaceful Baptist enuren oi inis city TENNESSEE PARIS TENNESSEE PARIS Tenn Mrs Bertha Tharne Chicago was In the city recently visiting relatives at Mansfield Mrs Essie Teague of Nashville has re turned after a brief visit with relative at Mafisfleld i Op her return the was accom panied by her niece Miss Ines Teague Elite Penn was called' to Trenton Tenn last week to attend the bedside of hl brother George Washington Penn who was ill Mrs 'Dorothy Mai Anderson of ulton Ky has returned Mrs Georgle McGhee and daughter Lois of Metropolis III returned after sev eral stay in the city Milan defAted the Black Devils Sunday In a return game 12 4 John William of Mounds Hl was a guest of hl mother Mr Mary Daniel last week He was accompanied by Mrs: Garlln Williams Halfford Cooper of Memphis was in the city Isst week visiting relatives He was accompanied by Miss Jessie Wynn teacher In the city schools also of Memphis The class of and 6 were entertained by their teachers'Mrs Woodson and Mrs Clarence Heglar Thursday afternoon with a picnic' on the church lawn Mr Taylor Reynold and daughter an della were recently In Chicago visiting relatives Mr Taylor Reynolds and daughter Van della were recently in Chicago visiting rela tives i Chapel had Its cemetery cleaning Thursday: Lunch was served on the ground The following were arrested riday eve ning and (are being held In jell accused of breaking In the 8un Shine Grocery Store on East Washington street recently: Will Mitchum i Jr rank Washum and Lewis Coats known as Beaele It was reported by the chief of police that Will Mitchum Is also accused of taking' lard from a the Clarence Saunders store on the East square The ptellmlniry trial will be held Monday August 26th Preston Duke of Milan Tenn was In the city last week attending the bedside of his aunt Mrs Willie Crawford who has been very: ill but 1 able to be up about her room Miss Gretchen Mitchum left Sunday for Memphis I for an Indefinite stay Mis Hlwatha Mitchum of 'Memphis for mer Parisian 1 in the city for a few days Miss Mitchum is a teacher of Melrose City School Memphis She 1 Just from A and I State College where she has been in sum mer school Miss Optress Looney Henry Tenn started achool at Salem Monday' Mtes Looney who waa formerly Mr Ezell was a a A a A 1 of Jack Johnson ORANGE NEW JERSEY orange The Rev and Mrs wtn of 69 Kenilworth place entertained as dinner in honor of Mrs Elizabeth Parker Williamsport Pa recently Other guests present were Mr Elizabeth Quick and daughter of Irvington LL Mr Bowser and daughter of Bloomfield Mr and Mzs Cornelius Owen and Mrs Carrie HUI and daughter 11 OCEAN fclTY NEW JERSEY i OCEAN CITY Tabernacle Baptist Church had with them aa a visitor the Rev Langston i and hl enureh Zion Baptist Church of Philadelphia Rev Langs ton delivered two able sermons morning and night 1 I I Mtea Thoma and brother Shiriey Thomas of Brooklyn NY and Mr and Mr Jama Smith of Detroit Mich xr th gueeto of Hi Thomas and atetera Ml Bernice Thomas and Wm Gainer for tbeweek endj i I Spelman of Grenboro NC has returned home after visit of eight week bay HEAD NEW! JERSEY: 51K BAY HEAD At the Taberhacle Bun day night service were conducted tar th pastor in charge the Rev Wjau A sermon waa preached by the visiting mlnte ter the Rev Samuel Honey PhD pas tor of St Matthew's) ME Church Delair He was accompanied by the father of the two Gibson brother who Sing la the choir Other visitors were trustgee Henry Johnson Mn A i Johnson and son Henry Jr and Mr and Mrs Blackwell all of the Rev church Yardley a Wednesday night literary society which consisted of addnsae! by the Rev Haw kins and Mrs rMryi Roberta reading by Mr Livingston paper by Mr Benton and solo by Mn McRae! was held Also Mr Uvingiton sapg riday night services were conducted by the Rev McQUL I i i Visitor to th beach and Taberhaple were a part of th offieenland Bunday achool of the irst Baptist Chureh Yardley Pa They spent an enjoyable day 4 i Miss Harriet Hogwdod entertained at tea an Wednesday afternoon Eunice Robinson Irene Dabnay Bessie Scott Geneva Wright Catherine Gary Annie Harris Hilda Jackson Sarah Keusey Gertrude Wetben worth OlUe Burton and Mrs Emms Gibson Edward Gibson spent last Thursday in Elisabeth as guest of his i mother Mr Ida Gibson 1 Mf Th: ST'! I TRENTON NEW JERSEY TRENTON NY Cedric Jenson enter tained some friends last night at the home uf his sister The little! affair afforded a pleas nt 1 1 climax to the tournament daneu which the guests had attended earlier in the evening (Numbers of people (from all parte of the country have been visiting Trenton during the national tennis tournament which is being held in Bordentown Numerous social affaris have been given In their behalf A tneng these the dance held by the Capitcl City Tennis Club in ithe beautiful Trenton auditorium i in honor of the visiting guest was a delightful affair which res enjoyed by the large: crowd attend ing 11 I I1 I Il ir li MI A I An enjoyable outing known as a a was held ln Cadwalader Park by Community: Club of the YMCA Colored Community! Work A under th chairmanship of A Joseph worked unceasingly to make the affair a success i All candidates for football are asked to report at the YMCA offipe at 4 pm Tuesday September 3rd il i Asbury Park 1 I 1 i 1 ASBURY PARK Sunday evening at Calvary Presbyterian lOhurch Rev Brean pastor a concert and pew service were hjd by the young men and women who work in the Loch Arbour Hotel Rob ert Colbert of Virginia Union University and organist of Mt Carmel Baptist Church was master of Others i on the i program were Miss Brown of ths Overbrook high school Phila delphia: James Jones of Richmond Vs: Rev Powell of Virginis Seminary and I Col lege Mrs Mabel Yancy Richmond: also Mln Eaton of i Richmond i Mrs Bell of Philadelphia Miss Brown! Mrs Simmons director of the junior choir Reeyes Mem or Presbyterian Church in The Rev Black more pastor of the Washington Strest Pres byterian Church of Reading sang and th Rev A Onque of Newer1? made a short talk I 1 1 I Charles: Onque of Irvington NJ was a guest 'at 'the Metropolitan Hotel and was seen In the services at Calvary in Asbury Park Sunday He Is president of the Trus tee Board in the Thirteenth Avenue Presby terian Church Newark ti i I i 1 1 Oelaware bridgevhjj: Delaware 1 BRIDGEVILLE Many folks attend edf August Quarterly In Wilmington Del and Ridgely camp meeting Sunday 1 Rev Milton Jackson of Buttonwood preached at Mt Calvary ME Church Sun day morning i I Messrs Oliver Price and George Scye Were Sharptown i Md visitors riday! Mr and Mrs Argep Myster spent the week end at Cambridge Md I Mesdames lorence i Johnson and Helen Parker riday shopping in ederal burg Md li Mrs Rosalie' William' of Ardmore Pa' vdallJ ed route to ederalsburg Mdjii spent Thursday evening with Miss Della oky Mesdames Lucinda Cook Allee Bogers MlssSs Myrtle Nutter and Virginia (Edslin attended the ball game at Salisbury Md Thursday Harry Gooke ha purchased a i radio1 1 Mrs Edith West and children hajre i re turned from Rehoboth Del where they sn nt a month I Ralph Cook has returned from City Md I Mr and Mrs Edward Johnson entertained Mr Charles Shields lof Philadelphia Pa and Mrs Myra of Plainfield NJ Wednesday i 1 i Mrs Emma William gave a dinner In honor of Mrs: Eva Shields of Philadelphia Pa 'and Mrs Myra Henry: and daughter of Plainfield riday evening Roland: Giles and Miss iVergie winder spent the week end In Wilmington DeL Lee Cooke and Miss' Etta Purnell visited In Milton) Del last week' i George Purnell of Concord Del visited Miss Etta Purnell Sunday I I seaford Delaware i 8EAORD Del Mist Geneva Collins and Mrs Levanla Collins i were the week end guests oz Annie xoung 1 i The Macedonia AME Sundav held It annual i picnio outing at Rosedalt Beach Warrick I i Mr and Mrs! Commlngton Woolford of Los Angeles Cal' arp the guesU of hl parent Mr and Mr George Woolford and brother and sister IT i Miss Ruth "Young of NJ was the guest of her uncle Minos Collins Jr and grandmother (r Mirths Blickson I lb Mr Walter I Woolford of Philadelphia and mother Mrs Mary East are the guests i 1 Eoerienee RUH Her in Baitimam vuvwwuu ianxMu vtvum jui Qtt worn uaarantet4 Crown and Bridge (Work Gold or Porcelain 1 $5 Broken Plates Ill ittmr Teeth Ika i ccijj wieMieci a PAY AS THE WORK PROGRESSES John Arthur (Jack) Johnson as he was in fighting trim during his fightupwards for the heavyweight championship of the world tions their beauty and their infill lence i Jack digresses in his story to tof the numerous and extraordinary contacts of his career King Edward kdnfired him personally and on sev eral occasions took especial note of the I fact that Burns from whom Jack wrested Ithe championship used ev ery unethical means to avoid a cham pionship tilt After the Bums fight ini' Australia Jack returned to Amer ica laden with gifts and trophies'from celebrities throughout Europe 'Noone would ever suspect how iclosely connected Jack was with in dlvi(duals who helbed to direct the destinies of the World War He wasin Russia when the conflagration be ian and there he met a Negro who i was1 an Important personage in the Icourt of the Czar Moreover he has NEWEST USE THE PERISCOPE? plane has a large gas tank directly back of engine to pre vent pilbt from being crushed be tween tank and engine in case of a crash As this cuts off the view ahead a i periscope is attached to upper left hand comer of instru ment board and projects beyond the side of the plane The periscope es sentially an Instrument for seeing around comers is indispensible to submarine and trench warfare In simplest form consists of a tube with a mirror at either end set at angles of 45 degrees the Irst mirror reflect ing the light though the tube the second guiding lit in a (direction con venient for observation: i I 1 Birthdays i AUGUST 31st: Russell 8 Brown 40 10308 8 Boulevard' Cleveland Ohio: Cyril Butler 39 Appleton street Malden Mass John Byers 55 121 Chil howie avenue Johnson City Tenn Walter Casselle 47 913 Seventeenth street Philadelphia Montgomery Gregory 43 507 Ohio avenue Atlantic City William Anderson 61 street Cincinnati Ohio Clyde Black 56 Plattsburg Mo James Pair 56l St ifty third sreeta northeast Washington DC Daniel Thomas 59 Raleigh NO SEPTEMBER 1st: Ricks 44 Lin coln Academy Kings Mountain NO Rob ert Jackson 59 435 Thirty seventh street Chicago Hl John Johnson 59 1611 Clinton street Knoxville Tenn Paul Kennedy 81 336 8 Alvaiis street Henderson Ky Otis A Rathel 39 904 Broadway street Little Rock Ark lis ten Smith 63 James Store Gloucester County Va Lawrence William 60 Bamberg 8C Silas Shackleford Jr 45 Richmond Vai SEPTEMBER 2nd: Charles Peter 44 1155 Rlldreth avenue Columbus Ohio James Boddy 63 Minneapolis Minn Samuel 8 Morris 51 18 Jackson street Richmond Va Charles Blair 45 Gastonia NC SEPTEMBER 3rd: James A Martin' 61 123 ourteenth avenue Nashville Tenn Edward Burroughs 66 65 Nassau street Charleston 8C: Walter Johpson 54 202 Walnut street Covington Va ran cis waren trolt Mich Winston Salem NC Thomas' Jr 40 Charleston 8C SEPTEMBER 4th: Robert BelL ifth street Owensboro Ky: Goodridge 89 1220 Washington Saginaw Mich: Henry A Guess Elgin street TUsa Okla: Lewis mer 81 64 Holly: street lushing NY Otis A 81ms 55 48 Depot street Dalton Gar Edward Dudley 48 Roanoke Va SEPTEMBER 5th: James Bond 86 2540 Magazine street Louisville Ky George DeReef 60 TH Hubbard street Mil waukee Wls Vivian Marsh': 31 2838 Grant street Berkeley Cal: rank Russell 46 30 Third street Norfolk Va SEPTEMBER 6th: Lawrence Lighter 44 2534 Marion street Denver 'Col Will iam Brooks 70 316 ifty third street New York City Isaac Jenkins 54 519 Beaver street' Jacksonville la Mrs ranklin Messrs George HrI low1 Albert Washington Walter DsngerfitJ Travis McCollum Misses Eva and Xm': Coirtan Ellen Lacey Virginia Lacey tij honor guest Mrs Beulah uw' Ruth Wilkes Mr Ashby Grayson I A'musical program was presented at Din ity ME Church Thursday night ThM taking part were: Miss Virginia Laujl Mesdames annie Broun Merle Howard Lv tie Tuck Miss Martha Madison Prow Alexander Lowry and Arter Tai committee In charge Mesdames Anna Dae ney Emma Nelson Bertha Anderson sni Mr Perry Arter Mrs Ella Jackson Bryant was a visitor In the ettj Inst week He is traveling in the Interesl or ine Arcs witn neaaquarters vlllCf TlV i Mrs ylrginla Reddlx has returned hom after nine weeks In summer school! at Virginia College and visiting friends ij Staunton Va '1 Mrs Martha Grayson Mrs Benlah Bern son and Miss Ruth Wilkes were visitors la airmont last week I Mrs Mabel Deane is visiting her mother! relatives and friends In Marietta Ohio Mrs Inez West of (Washington IjCr sang a solo Sunday morning at service Trinity: Mrs Virginia Reddlx sang at night Rev Matthews pastor of Trinity presenei a sermon John Clay has gone to Phi on his vacation i The Household of Ruth No 3647 held meeting rldav night 1 1 1 Mrs Nellie Wilson entertained st die ner Sunday ifit Prof Alexander Lowrj 1 r' ''J 'f yZ vS fc'A tv' 'V 2 4 I I I 7X" 3 I 1 I 1 I )' I 1 1 rl i i i A i a I A A 1 I 1 i I 1 iT 1 li! 1 i 1 It JEbHb i a '(1! a RfiSonSHN I 'b 4 Le sf i I 'I I PIT fOeli Tewl 4 1 ii ft' da UnafSMBB it MnEjIinKQMI IV 1 I I i r4 1 rrv 6 I 4 I 41 a 1 os as 1 65g i 1 I 012111 1 JI i OU i fl A IJ 1 I 'll E1 1 NO Ml till 1 MU' i i MaiM '') I IJ iWb A II I I '1 I Cb' 1 1 I II 1 1 I IM I WEOIjKNTLT in MKh efties as CHaet wm I adp ItAVlAW uA MbwmMb I a a a T) 1MMI infl OTBA A a I WWM I (M Mtwy BCIlBr DOT WBI a 1 SMS VdWWH EMM VWM tfw a 3 a 1 Mb 1 MMMMMBMab aS Bi 1 kt wa a a a ae 'X' i ft 4 i re Eunr Mans vent faM to cmr IX Al 'JW 1 1 Jfc 7 IJI '1 IL 'i Lb i fc I ft A jr K'S a A 1 1 4 7 7L 1 Ou TJ3 k' a 1 nat A ee i I a 4 a 1 4 XT 4 3 5 ff5 a SA i A i a is I A rL awaa VA zWA UU MUBe AUUlUM WUUUlrtU 1 I the Ufe oe 1 1 dujuu i te.

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