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Located in Historic Downtown Fort Myers, Ford's Garage is a casual American eatery and bar that offers over 180 craft beers. The vibrant and inviting atmosphere is enhanced by the warm-hued decor, which includes brick walls and wooden accents. With its 1920s service station/prohibition bar theme, complete with old-style brickwork, rich wood furnishings, and a hand-hammered copper bar top, Ford's Garage evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Great atmosphere, smiling faces, distinct decor, and food was nothing short of precisely what you look for in a dining experience. Prices relative, portions decent, quality high. We skipped the wait for a table and went straight to belly up to the bar. Our bartender (sorry if I misspell) Nicole was attentive, sharp, and a great personality to match. The food was truly delicious. I chose the meatloaf $13.50 it comes with cheddar mash potatoes, and green beans, I added a side of the Piston onion rings(perfect)for an additional charge of 4.95. She opted for the Ford's signature brunch/breakfast plate 13.50 two eggs, potatoes, bacon, and English muffin. Both happy to have visited today as we ended the lunch with 2 cold beers for me and 2 mimosas for my beautiful date. Great job Ford's crew. Thank you.

Crisis 3 — Google review

My husband is always getting on to me for trying new things. We laugh about it because each time I try something different and I don’t like it I have to default to what he’s always choosing: a cheeseburger 🍔. He constantly tells me that you can never go wrong with an all American 🇺🇸 cheeseburger. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, he’s right! Today I went to the Ford’s place with my sister and brother in love and I ordered… you guessed it, the All American 🇺🇸 cheeseburger 🍔 and it was mouth watering delicious 😋. My sister had another burger, unfortunately I didn’t get the name and it was just as yummy. My brother had the ribs and he said he hadn’t eaten ribs that good in a long time. We ordered the onion rings with their very own spicy 🌶 ketchup (super yummy) and we ended our meal with hot brownies and ice cream 🍨… we didn’t just walk out of there we rolled. But it was worth every bite! And just in case you’re wondering I brought home some cheeseburger for my all American honey. He was so happy 😁. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share meals with my loved ones and when it’s in a place like this it’s even better 💕💙. I can not end my review without giving a shout out to our server JAY! She was beyond wonderful, witty and knowledgeable about the food and place in general, we really lucked out today. God is always so faithful, even in the small stuff.So, if you’re around the area and looking for a delicious burger, great service, awesome music 🎶 and a wholesome time stop by this little joint. You’ll be glad you did! #Enjoy 😊 🥰💕🙌🏼

Cynthia S — Google review

The mushroom swiss burger on a pretzel roll was fantastic and the fries were great as well. The waitress was very tentative and checked on us often. It's an interesting theme with gas pumps for door handles, tires for sinks, and a large classic Ford over the bar. Great tribute to Henry Ford.

Random T — Google review

Popular spot in downtown. Sunday evening was no exception. Quite busy. We had made a reservation online so no wait. Reasonably priced menu with lots of choices. Good beverage selection. Neat atmosphere, well themed. I felt like I should be able to drop my vehicle off for service while dining. Fried pickles were awesome, BBQ Brisket burger with onion rings as a side good as well. A couple of minor mistakes by the server. Understandable on a busy night. The good news is they were fixed right away. Parking could be an issue. Uber worked for us. All in all an enjoyable visit.

Rudy E — Google review

We’ll what a treat, I was pleasantly surprised. Fords Garage is a great place to stop in for a drink and a meal. Staff was very attentive and very friendly. I had the Burnt Ends Sandwich and it was great 😊. The sandwich 🥪 was almost to big to finish since we had wings and pretzels 🥨 with dipping cheese 🫕 as an appetizer. Yes we pigged out, lol. Had a few adult beverages, 🍺🍺 and had a great time there. Prices are great 😊 so stop in and grab some food. Loved it 🥰

Scott K — Google review

Service was excellent!⭐️ Decor was fun, even the door handles were gas pump handles, cute! Every direction I looked, there was something interesting to see. The tires on the old Ford car went round.Food was decent. Ribs were tasty. Wings were ok.

Julie G — Google review

First time going there was this last Friday 12/8. Super great! Our waitress was very nice, and attentive. Weather was great to sit outside by the street. Traffic was not terribly loud to sit by either. Very nice atmosphere with the sunny weather and friendly service. Burger was great! Hope to come back again soon to try out more menu items! 10/10.

Bordeaux C — Google review

Had dinner reservations for 7 on new years eve that was made the day prior. No issues reserving and was sat immediately on arrival. Started with the dons mom co*cktail for a drink which was delicious. Then had the estates burger which was delicious. Only disappointment was that my bun wasn't grill stamped well enough to see fords garage. Not a reason to knock off stars though.

Sara F — Google review

Best Burgers and concept atmosphere in downtown Fort Meyers food district.Staff was engaging and helpful.Food is real good and imaginative.So, Ford's is literally a Ford motorcar themed concept burger establishment. There is a Model T in the middle of the bar. The staff has the ability to turn it on and make it honk and smoke if you ask or if someone is celebrating a birthday. Which people still do. I personally think it is a little campy to go crazy after, well, a few decades. But, hey, have fun and celebrate. It is what makes life fun.The bar is larger than normal burger places. Plenty of draft.Get the onion rings. These are excellent and the presentation is amusing. There is something symbic about fried onion rings on an oil funnel. Think about it.

Rene R — Google review

I had to give this restaurant 5 stars because they are dog friendly! Our waiter brought an icy water bowlfor my dog! The food and co*cktailswere fantastic!! Nice downtown Fort Myers atmosphere! Right around the corner is an ice cream and fudge shop.

Michelle H — Google review

Ford's Garage is located on the cutest street that gives you a small town feel. The restaurant is open and has a cozy atmosphere. We couldn't decide what to get, so we ended up sharing the blackened buffalo chicken mac n cheese and the buffalo chicken sandwich. Both were really good. The buffalo chicken sandwich was surprisingly light and had the perfect amount of breading. The sauce was creamy and had a mild kick. The fries were cooked perfectly, crispy, and seasoned well. The mac n cheese didn't feel heavy. The creamy buffalo sauce made it heavenly! Our server was friendly and attentive and provided excellent service.I had a Paloma, and it was refreshing! If you like grapefruit and tequila, then this is for you!I definitely recommend Ford's. You don't want to miss out on this one!

Krista C — Google review

Typical of the USAOriginal decor down to the toiletThe dishes are very good and affordable.Children's menu availableAnd if it's your birthday, the team will put on a show for you.

L. D — Google review

Delicious burger (sweet heat burger, ordered medium, delivered Medium! ) Tasty seasoned fries (unfortunately, as I ordered tots, would have been great, I'm sure) the Spiked Blackberry Lemonade was Delicious indeed!

Kevin M — Google review

I always love Ford’s Garage, it’s a go to if I’m eating in downtown Fort Myers. Edsel’s Hot Pretzels are my favorite appetizer. They are known for their burgers and they never disappoint! I tried the Estate Burger this time and it’s my new favorite! The patty was seasoned and cooked perfectly. The Sweet Red Onion marmalade is what made it stand out! I upgraded to the sweet potato tots, not a fan of their paired sauce (caramel?) but I never am if it’s sweet. I got my sour cream side (try it!) for the tots and they were awesome! I recommend both the Model Tea and the Frozen Spiked Blackberry Lemonade for co*cktails!

Lisa M — Google review

As usual another fun and delicious night of food and laughs with friends at this location. We enjoyed drinks, appetizers and delicious dinners. Our server's name escapes me and that is a shame as she was one of the best here. What an awesome way to enjoy Music Walk in our beautiful downtown

Mandy M — Google review

The host could use some customer service training. She never said a word, just grabbed menus, walked to a table, put the menus down, and walked off. Besides that, the theme is great, as was our waitress (Dani). I had the Estate Burger (after reading reviews) and a spiked frozen strawberry lemonade. Both items were really good, even the fries. I would recommend this place to just about anyone!

Michelle M — Google review

Great place with friendly staff. I have to admit the burger was way better than I expected from a small chain. High quality, delicious beef. I had the High Octane and I do recommend this restaurant to anyone.

DUSTIN I — Google review

We arrived for the lunch rush so service was understandably a little slow. The food was good, but not knock your socks off amazing. The decor was amazing though. My young boys loved the tire sinks.

Mikki S — Google review

Went here with a bunch of friends. They got Burgers and Ribs, I got the Cobb Salad. The food was excellent, the portion sizes were big, the atmosphere was classic Ford's Garage. The Bathroom impressed my guests!

Janette B — Google review

The food is amazing. I highly recommend the pretzels with beer cheese. I got the High Octane Burger medium, but substituted the brioche bun for the pretzel bun, added bacon, and removed the jalapenos (for my stomach). The burger had very fresh ingredients and the chipotle ketchup tasted amazing, creating a very rich and cohesive flavour. Our server (I think his name was Michael) was very nice and when we did not receive one of our items in a timely manner, it was comped. He seemed like he had a lot on his hands to deal with. Excellent service all around.

V — Google review

Ford garage was a special place with all Ford car decor and such. They also had a great veggie burgers with green beans good choice for vegetarians!

Rvmaxus M — Google review

Cool Repair Shop that serves food. Servers wear repair shop uniforms. Reminisce of an old time filling station with a model T on the lift. Think Goobers Garge from the old Andy Griffith Show. Mostly burgers and pub food. Lots of good beer on tap.

Ken M — Google review

First time here with my buddy riding🏍🏍 we decided to want to stop and grab a bite, atmosphere great, service is amazing our waitresses is Gina on point and we'll see how the food is, the another one in Cape Coral was really good and has excellent reviews,

Ocean B — Google review

2207 First St, Fort Myers, FL 33901, USA 332-3673Ford's Garage Ft. Myers reservations

The 41 best casual restaurants in Fort Myers (2024)
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