Leek, Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tart Recipe (2024)



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Agree with others that this needs a flavor boost. I recommend using herbed goat cheese and a bit of thyme and rosemary with the vegetables. Also added a drizzle of balsamic at the end which gave a great, sophisticated finish.


Great appetizer! I used mini Bella's and sautéed them in baches to avoid over crowding them, this also allowed them to brown nicely and not soggy. I used pie crust instead of the puff pastry and made sure to bake it until it was browned all around which gave it a nice crunch to the end result. I also made sure to bring the goat cheese to room temperature to facilitate the mixing with the eggs. Highly recommend this...I will definitely be doing this again.


No, it would be soggy & disappointing. What you could do is prepare the recipe through Step 3 in advance and the baked crust and the sautéed vegetables would hold OK for up to 8 hours if loosely wrapped (refrigerate the filling but not the crust). When you are ready to serve, prepare the egg/goat cheese mix and proceed with step 4. Since your crust and the veg mixture would be cooled you would have to increase the final baking times slightly.


Did you make it?


So this makes 2 tarts? Or do you stack the 2 pieces of pastry? I cannot figure out why you cut the puff pastry in half?


I made this on a flat bread, because that’s what I had, and it was delicious!


So this makes two tarts?

Tim Carroll

I added about a tablespoon of freshly chopped thyme to the mushrooms. Excellent! We had this with asparagus soup as a rainy night dinner. Delish.


I wasn't thrilled with the results but for 'goat cheese' I used feta, when the recipe may have meant a Bûcheron or something creamier. Then I spooned over a few drops of left-over aioli (from another NYT recipe) and good grief what an improvement! Also used home-made pie dough, as avoiding preservatives and packaging is a priority for us, and it was just fine, if perhaps less elegant.


Very nice light meal with a green salad. I made some light modifications. First I lightly spoon some of the egg-goat cheese mix on the bottom of the pie. Place it for 4 minutes in the baking oven at 400F. Mixed the rest of the egg used for brusshing the pastry with 2 more eggs. Mix all with the mushroom leek mix and spread it on the semi baked puff pastry. Baked for about 10 min. further. Delicious!!


Made this with mostly goat cheese, some blue sprinkled in and on top, and added lots of fresh chopped thyme leaves, per suggestions. Used Dorrie Greenspan's savory tart crust (from "Around My French Table") instead of puff pastry because, like another reviewer, we also tend toward less wrappings, etc. Perhaps because I used a creamy goat cheese from one of our Vermont producers, custard took about 40 minutes to set. But it worked out fine and was pronounced wonderful by those around the table!


The flavor combination seems a bit bland...


Seems like a riff on Leek, Goat Cheese, and Walnut Pizza from the book Madeleine Cooks by Madeleine Kamman (page 182). It's one of the first things I made when I was first getting into cooking in 1989 or so.

Tracy B

I am not sure I understand. Isn't this recipe for phyllo pastor? Why do we need to roll it out?


I have the same question. It would be great if someone could answer.

Carol Peters

I skipped the tart, added toasted walnuts, mixed the veg / nuts in the sauteeing pan with cooked rotini, then added the egg mixed with the grated cheese to make a creamy sauce [think carbonara], could have used a little more cheese — delicious

Janice H

Taking note of some of the other notes here, I sautéed the vegetables in garlic oil and added thyme and Bell's seasoning. I used a super large, flat pita rather than puff pastry; the only problem with that was that the egg and cheese mixture was too runny to put on top and cook, so I just cooked it like scrambled eggs in a pan, and then put it on top of the pita. It wasn't the most glamorous approach, but it all tasted fabulous. I would definitely try it again using puff pastry.


Lovely with some modifications. Way more goat cheese! I always make two and double the mushroom/leek/fennel because it’s a lot of work. But definitely delicious. Great appetizer or a meal when I double it and it’s just two of us


Used a frozen pie shell. Added fresh rosemary, thyme & a little basil to the cheese/egg mixture. Sprinkled a little Parm in the bottom of the pie shell, added the egg/cheese/herb mix and baked for 4 minutes. Topped with the fennel/mushroom/leeks, augmented with a little fresh thyme and a few drizzles of basalmic vinegar. Pushed the veggies down into the cheese layer, added bits of goat cheese on top. Baked for about 22 min. Basalmic drizzle on top Yum! Next time I’d mix it all together! I


This was delicious, long time chopping though without a mandolin! I took note of others who said it might be bland and added thyme and a splash of sherry vinegar to the mushrooms which gave it just the right amount of acid. I also shaved Parmesan all over the top after I brought it out of the broiler because I forgot to save some of the goat cheese, and the Parmesan gave it a kind of nuttier dimension. Definitely bring the goat cheese to room temp. Paired with a salad and everyone loved it.


Subbed 2 shallots for fennel, added thyme to mushroom mix after cooking. Would partake puff pastry longer next time, try a pizza stone. Also rolling out like the instructions said to.


Dough must be THOROUGHLY baked before adding anything on top (not just pale gold)! I had to bake it MUCH longer. Used 6 oz. feta, and 2 eggs total. Added LOTS of fresh rosemary, fresh & dried thyme, dried sage, garlic. Good topping, but doesn't cohere. Next time: pre-bake dough completely. Blend 1 3/4 eggs with 5 oz. cheese, mix with sautéed veggies/herbs & top the pastry. Bake until set. No addl. cheese.

K. Ryan

How does one broil on low?


Good but needed something to take it to the next flavor level. Someone suggested herbed goat cheese. Sounds good or maybe just add a few herbs that are on hand.


I added garlic and fresh thyme to leeks and mushrooms but skipped the fennel.


Ricotta, tarragon, and a drizzle of basalmic. Can be just onions cooked to carmelized. Use frozen mushrooms.


Salt, pepper, and thyme made all the difference!

katrina cooks

I added fresh sage to the goat cheese and egg mixture. Good lord was this delicious!


Lovely! I used plain cheaply pastry tarts and it made two. Thyme would be lovely but I thought it was nice without it. Brown the mushrooms as suggested. I’m not sure broiling it in necessary. This was fantastic and straightforward


This was bland. Really needs spicing up. Don't be afraid to add any spices you like. It would also be great with arugula added to the top at the end of the last baking.

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Leek, Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tart Recipe (2024)
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