Karen Harvey Consulting Group Makes Strategic Appointments To European Leadership Teams in Paris and London | The AI Journal (2024)

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Karen Harvey Consulting Group (KHC), one of the leading international executive search and brand advisory firms in fashion, luxury, lifestyle and beauty with offices in New York, London, Paris and L.A., is pleased to announce the appointment of Anais Goujon to Director, Executive and Creative Search of the firm’s Paris office, Kate Sunderland to Vice President, Creative Search of the firm’s London office, and Charlotte Reeve as Associate Director, Executive Search also of the firm’s London office.

Karen Harvey Consulting Group Makes Strategic Appointments To European Leadership Teams in Paris and London | The AI Journal (1)
Karen Harvey Consulting Group Makes Strategic Appointments To European Leadership Teams in Paris and London | The AI Journal (2)

These new appointments come as the company continues to evolve alongside a rapidly changing landscape in talent strategy for fashion, retail and lifestyle brands and businesses.

“Since founding KHC, my goal has been to build an international group of highly dedicated and talented leaders who are more inspired working together than separately, and who appreciate the unique way that we work on an international basis. Our culture, coupled with our narrow and deep approach, has been the cornerstone of our success, and I have been very fortunate to work with these women over the past several years to build our presence across Europe. Their commitment to working across all key markets I believe provides a truly international perspective for our clients, which is invaluable in a world where global experience is fundamental to success. These promotions signal the next stage of growth for our company, and I’m so pleased to announce the promotions of Anais, Kate, and Charlotte. Anais’ unique and multi-national background has been a powerful foundation for her coming into this firm, and her wonderful manner, combined with her exceptional skills across the creative and executive search side of the firm, have been critical to our growth in Europe. Kate’s incredible eye, deep knowledge of the market and highly strategic approach has been pivotal for our global, creative search endeavors – and Charlotte’s talent agility has been indispensable in connecting the firm to emerging talent. They are not just team members, but partners in the architecting of KHC’s next chapter, and I’m so excited to see what we build next together. Their advancement is a testament to their hard work and the bright future they will help shape for KHC.” – Karen Harvey

Anais Goujon, based in the firm’s Paris office, has served as Senior Consultant since 2020, and has been working internationally across both the business and creative side of KHC’s search practice. She focuses on placing high level creatives and senior executive leaders with KHC’s global portfolio of brands. Prior to joining KHC, she had been working for m-O conseil, a boutique recruitment firm working with prestigious international clients from the luxury, fashion and culture worlds.

“I am deeply honored to step into the role of Director, Executive and Creative Search at KHC. What truly sets us apart is our global footprint and perspective. We don’t just operate within regional boundaries; we embrace a worldwide vision. Under Karen’s visionary leadership, we’ve cultivated an environment of collaboration, not competition. By bringing together diverse generations and perspectives from various cultures and countries, we are not just a team – we are a global family, united in our mission to serve our clients with unparalleled insight and expertise.” – Anais Goujon

Kate Sunderland is now Vice President of Creative Recruitment at KHC, based in London, where she oversees global creative search across disciplines. Kate has twelve years of experience working closely with world-class creative talent and clients worldwide in fashion, luxury, retail, beauty, and home. With a BA Degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion from the acclaimed Central Saint Martins, and prior experience with the London-based and internationally recognized fashion recruitment and consultancy firms Denza and Smith & Pye, Kate brings a strong foundation and knowledge of the fashion industry to KHC’s London Office.

“To me, being part of KHC means working with the most incredible leadership, team, clients and world class creative talent. It is an honour to come to work each day and continue to build the relationships that we do, and I am thrilled to grow further within the firm and work for a business and Founder that I have such deep respect for.” – Kate Sunderland

Charlotte Reeve was previously an Executive Search Consultant for KHC and the Director of Recruitment for INDX, based in our London office. She has over a decade of experience in both search and contingency recruitment, working with high profile businesses and brands at the forefront of digital innovation, and supporting those driving exciting transformation projects across the luxury, fashion, beauty, travel and tech spaces.

“It’s so exciting to be working for a business which is not only partnering with innovative brands, but instrumental in driving innovation as a true strategic partner. I feel an immense privilege to be working with this all female, very talented leadership team, and I am very much looking forward to continuing what has been an incredible three years with the company so far.” – Charlotte Reeve

KHC is an international executive search and advisory services firm with multi-industry expertise and an extraordinary network. With offices in New York, London, Paris and L.A., they partner with leading companies in their search for world-class talent, and bring a unique approach to advising clients on modern brand and talent strategies that serve today’s complex and dynamic consumer and business needs. With a core focus on executive search and advisory services for brands in fashion, luxury, lifestyle and beauty, KHC has earned global recognition for bringing some of the industry’s most successful CEOs, CMOs, creative leaders, and collaborators to powerful global companies – changing the arc of their businesses today to recalibrate for the future.


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Karen Harvey Consulting Group Makes Strategic Appointments To European Leadership Teams in Paris and London | The AI Journal (2024)
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