Caterpillar C13 Belt Routing Diagram (2024)


  • Belts - Inspect/Adjust/Replace C11, C13, and C15 On-highway Engines. Belt Tensioner - Check C11, C13, and C15 On-highway Engines. Caterpillar Parts SIS Catalog ...

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2. How is a caterpillar c13 engine belt routed? - Answers


  • Information: BASIC ENGINE. SERPENTINE/V-BELTS. Operation and Maintenance Manual ... Caterpillar Parts SIS Catalog C13 : 292-7106 BELT-SERPENTINE · BELT TENSIONER ...

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4. Diagram for serpentine belt installation c13 cat engine how - Fixya

  • Feb 20, 2013 · Good morning! I am enclosing a serpentine belt routing diagram to aid in the installation of your serpentine belt. There are 4 different engine ...

  • diagram for serpentine belt installation c13 cat engine how to - Cars & Trucks question

5. Belt diagram for c13 acert cat engine - Cars & Trucks - Fixya

  • Jul 6, 2017 · This movement is the tensioner self-adjusting and is required to maintain constant belt tension. The belt tensioner has a belt length indicator.

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6. [PDF] Caterpillar C13 Acert Fan Belt Diagram

  • Page 1. Caterpillar C13 Acert Fan Belt Diagram. Powered by TCPDF ( 1 / 1.

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  • Find new and used Caterpillar C13 Engine Cores for sale near you. View all 22 Engine Cores.

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8. Serpentine Belt Routing - TJ Generation -

  • And worse yet, you remember that the routing diagram that was on a label stuck in the engine compartment came off the last time you pressure washed your Jeep.

  • A series of various serpentine belt routing diagrams for Jeeps.

Caterpillar C13 Belt Routing Diagram (2024)


How do you find a serpentine belt routing diagram? ›

A: Commonly a belt routing diagram sticker is on the underside of the hood or in the engine compartment. If there is no diagram, make a sketch of the belt and pulleys before removing the belt. This will help you re-route the new belt correctly.

Are serpentine belts directional? ›

Are Serpentine Belts Directional? Because nearly all serpentine belts are symmetrical, a new belt's direction of rotation usually doesn't matter. What does matter, though, is that the new belt is routed correctly around the pulleys. It's also important that the grooved side of the belt faces toward the pulley grooves.

Where is the atmospheric pressure sensor on a cat C13? ›

The atmospheric pressure sensor is also the CGI absolute pressure sensor. I believe it's near the valve cover in the rear on the driver's side on a C13. It will be mounted right next to a differential pressure sensor.

How are serpentine belts numbered? ›

EXAMPLE: 6PK1003 » 6 - This indicates the number of ribs on the belt; therefore, this is a 6-rib belt. » PK – The “P” indicates a metric designation, and the “K” indicates the belt is automotive per SAE J1459. » 1003 - This is the effective length of the belt expressed in millimeters.

Where is routing information on new drive belt? ›

Most vehicles nowadays usually have a belt routing sticker located somewhere in the engine compartment, making it even easier.

How many miles per gallon does a cat C13 get? ›

Avg mileage 5.25-6. Need to make sure and run the over head every 100k and change the oil religiously.

How much does a cat C13 weigh? ›

Engine ratings were available from 380–525 horsepower at 2100 RPM. The peak torque occurs at an engine speed of 1200 RPM. The engine weighs over one ton at 2610 pounds. The Cat C13 is often used in Class 8 vehicles (tractor-trailers).

What years did they make the cat C13? ›

The CAT C13 replaced the CAT C12 engine and was a popular 13L engine that was built from 2004 until 2010 when CAT exited the on-highway diesel engine business.

Can you put a serpentine belt on wrong? ›

You can do a lot of damage to your vehicle if you drive on the road with an improperly installed serpentine belt. For replacing the serpentine belt, all you need is a new serpentine belt and belt tensioner tool, according to AutoZone.

Does it matter which way a belt goes? ›

Clockwise means that you start at the loop just to the right of the button and end at the loop just to the left, whereas counterclockwise is the other way around. Traditionally in the US, men thread their belts counterclockwise and women thread their belts clockwise.

How do I know if my serpentine belt is misaligned? ›

The squealing sound is most likely due to the belt slipping or a misaligned pulley. The noise is an indication that the belt needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Sometimes the squealing will start as a very light sound, but over time the squealing will get worse until the belt finally fails.

What is the fuel pressure on a c13 cat? ›

Your engine should maintain a fuel pressure between 75 and 90 psi. There is a plug beside of the secondary fuel filter that is used to check the pressure.

What is the operating temperature of a cat c13? ›

Normal operating temperature is between about 180 degrees and 210 degrees. If the temperature is getting below 175 your thermostat is stuck open.

Where is the engine speed sensor on a cat c13? ›

The engine has two engine speed sensors. There is a crankshaft sensor located at the front of the engine underneath in front of the oil pan. The camshaft sensor is located on the drivers side behind the front cover. Both sensors have two wires.

Where would you find the routing information to install a new engine drive belt? ›

Note the placement of belt

To preserve the belt's position, take a few snapshots from different angles or sketch the way it winds through the engine. If the belt is already out of place, locate the driver's manual or the under-the-hood placard, where you'll find a sketch of the routing.

How do you identify a V belt pulley? ›

How To Identify a V-Belt Pulley. The easiest way to identify a V-belt pulley is by finding the part number or identification components on the pulley itself. Different brands, as well as different pulley types, have various ways they may display these numbers.

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