15 Football Poster Ideas For Game Day, Display & More (2024)

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Posters are informative and persuasive, enabling brands to connect with their target audience at scale and in a meaningful way. The connection is stronger when a global sport such as football, with an estimated 3.5 billion fans, is the theme of poster displays. A football poster helps promote a big-ticket fixture, unveil a soccer player signing for a club team, announce a soccer-based event, or advertise a summer camp for different age groups.

For example, ahead of the last edition of football world cup, the sport’s international governing body unveiled the official tournament poster featuring Lev Yashin, a legendary goalkeeper of Soviet.

The poster was inspired by the constructivist art movement, whose influence spread to fields such as graphic design, architecture, industrial design, and much more. The art movement, which was founded by Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko in 1915, was intended to be a reflection of urban space and modern industrial society.

14,941 Football Posters Created So Far

The poster shows Yashin with a knee brace and his trademark head cap as he leaps to his left to catch the ball. In the background, half-a-dozen orange rays are seen emanating from the ball, while the green circle in the center denotes the football pitches of the tournament’s venues.

Posters, thus, are a reflection of a brand’s values and a medium of communication with prospects and customers (which, contextually speaking, includes football fans).

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Football posters, fundamentally, are a manifestation of the fans’ emotional connection with their local teams and their favorite footballers and soccer players. You only need to be in a prominent part of a town or city before a major tournament to see posters of football players and teams, created and displayed by their passionate supporters.


Football Poster Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a poster to promote your football academy, an upcoming match involving two teams, or generate buzz for a football event, you’ll find your poster inspiration here.

Idea #1: Football Neymar Jr Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Use this Neymar Jr poster to reach football enthusiasts in your locality and drive registrations to your academy. The packed stadium of spectators in the background, watching an on-field player shaping to kick a football, is designed to inspire and attract aspiring footballers to join the academy where they can work towards their football dream.

In addition, you can write a caption such as “Become the next Neymar Jr” to make the poster effective and appealing. Make sure you include your academy logo, details of academy coaches, coaching sessions, contact information, pre-requisites, and more.

Idea #2: Let’s Go Titans Football Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Need to promote an American-style football match between two rival teams? This poster is tailor-made for you. Use it to drive buzz online and offline, reach football fans across the country, and drive ticket sales.

The poster combines minimalist design with typography, making it seamless to customize and do so within a short turnaround time. Replace the team names used in the poster with the two teams participating in the match. Change the chant “Let’s Go Titans” with a home team chant that’s popular with fans. Make sure you customize the date and venue details, too, before use.

Idea #3: Black Background Game Day Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Here’s another game-day American football poster, designed to promote a fixture between two rival teams and attract big crowds to the stadium.

The poster’s copy is self-explanatory and designed to make customization seamless. Use the exact club or university teams participating in the match and customize the date and venue details as per the match schedule.

WATCH: How to add Brand Fonts to your Brand Kit

You should also customize the web address where spectators can purchase tickets for the match. In addition, you may want to include details about match sponsors, when the stadium’s gates open for entry, what items are allowed, what’s prohibited, and so on.

Idea #4: Players in Black Jersey Football Time Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Use this poster to promote a marquee American football match and drive record ticket sales.

Before displaying the poster, ensure you include the match details (whether it is for charity, a celebrity football match, et cetera), team names, a unique tagline (in place of “It’s football time”) that you want football fans to remember, the venue and kick-off times, and the web address.

You might also want to include a call-to-action (CTA) such as “Buy Your Tickets Now” or “Register For Tickets” to drive ticket bookings by instilling a sense of urgency.

In addition, include dos and don’ts for supporters on the matchday to ensure the event is a success.

Idea #5: Ball On Ground Football Tournament Poster Template

Use this football poster template

School, college, and association football event organizers can use this poster to announce and promote their upcoming tournament.

Ensure you include the tournament badge or the organizer’s logo and the brand name, the year (or edition) of the tournament, the tournament dates with the opening and closing ceremonies, and the match timings and venue details.

If applicable, include the tournament website address where supporters can find details of the event and purchase or register for tickets.

Idea #6: Stadium Background Football Tournament Poster Template

Use this football poster template

This is an inter-college football poster that requires little customization before use.

Edit the tournament title, the participating teams’ names, and the match date and timings. Make sure you include the venue details accurately before use.

In addition to using the team names, include their team logos (or badges) to ensure an accurate representation and to build excitement for fans who might be interested in buying tickets to watch the game. To drive ticket sales, make sure you include the tournament website or a third-party vendor’s web address in the poster copy.

Idea #7: Football Stadium Soccer Championship Poster

Use this football poster template

Football event organizers can use this poster to announce the schedule of an upcoming tournament and generate fan excitement.

The poster’s layout is designed to display the round-robin or pre-knockout schedule of the tournament by including the team names, the match schedule, and more.

Customize the poster copy by editing the tournament title details, the name of the championship, the tournament year, and so on.

Idea #8: Football New Season Tryouts Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Football and soccer scouts conducting trials during pre-season can use this poster to drive registrations and participation from pro or semi-pro footballers looking for new teams.

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The poster copy is comprehensive and easily customizable. Make sure you include the venue name where the trails are being held, details of eligible players such as age and previous experience, and the trial dates. The contact information must also be customized before use.

Idea #9: Football Champions League Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Tournament organizers, social media managers, and pro soccer players can use this poster to promote playing stats and achievements to drive online conversation and connect with football fans.

Stats can include season appearances, minutes played, goals scored, assists provided, passes completed, dribbles attempted (and completed), man-of-the-match awards won, team trophies won, and more.

Make sure you include the tournament for which the stats apply, the name of the player who has registered the records, and so on. Clubs and governing bodies using this poster must include their brand logo.

Idea #10: Soccer Player Bantams Soccer Club Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Here’s another example of a game-day poster to promote an upcoming fixture and bring fans to the stadium.

Include the names of the teams involved in the match, the match date and kick-off time, and the venue. Make sure the organizer or governing body’s logo is included.

Idea #11: Football Team Talent Hunt Poster Template

Use this football poster template

This is another poster tailored for football and soccer scouts conducting selection trials to add players to their squads.

The poster copy should include the eligibility criteria for the trials to ensure fair participation and selection, while trial dates should be mentioned to ensure the right talent utilizes the opportunity to showcase their football skills.

Idea #12: Football Stadium Background Kylian Mbappe Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Sports governing bodies and event organizers can use this classic poster to promote a felicitation ceremony or a soccer event that’s being attended by a popular football or soccer player.

The player might be a school Alumnus who is a special guest for the annual sports day or symposium for which parents and others are being invited.

The poster copy must include the school or governing body’s logo, along with the player’s name, his achievements, and more.

Idea #13: Blue Jersey Messi Poster Template

Use this football poster template

Here’s a fanatical poster that can be displayed anywhere to showcase fandom.

After all, you’re perhaps a fan of one of the world’s greatest football players of all-time (Lionel Messi) and you’ve chosen a poster to show it.

Use icons, objects, gradients, and more to personalize the poster to reflect your style as you enthusiastically flaunt it!

Idea #14: Red Background CR7 Poster Template

Use this football poster template

This, too, is a fanatical poster for fans of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi’s contemporary.

The poster background and the outfit have an identical color scheme (red and white) which is synonymous with Manchester United, the English club Ronaldo currently plays for (following his first spell with the same team from 2003-09).

CR7 is a combination of the initials of Cristiano and Ronaldo, while 7 is his jersey number.

Idea #15: Football Arena Cristiano Ronaldo Poster Template

Use this football poster template

This is a multi-purpose poster that can either be used for display, to promote a tournament, or to advertise an academy camp for girls and boys.

The stadium background evokes memories of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid days, while the poster itself is designed to inspire and motivate aspiring football players.



Posters, in general, are versatile and it’s no different when the theme is football. Football posters serve a variety of purposes: to promote an upcoming football match, to advertise a summer camp at a football academy, to drive registrations for trials, or even to showcase fandom.

The poster templates above require little customization and are free to use. You only need to customize the copy (in most cases), while the tournament or academy logo must be included where applicable.

Picmaker empowers you with unique, AI-powered features such as MAD Button and Background Remover to seamlessly customize the poster. In addition, you get access to hundreds of thousands of icons, objects, shapes, gradients, and more to enhance the visual appeal of your poster and drive the desired audience action.

What are you waiting for? Choose a poster template and start customizing now!


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15 Football Poster Ideas For Game Day, Display & More (2024)


What to put on a football poster? ›

Before displaying the poster, ensure you include the match details (whether it is for charity, a celebrity football match, et cetera), team names, a unique tagline (in place of “It's football time”) that you want football fans to remember, the venue and kick-off times, and the web address.

What is the best football poster design app? ›

Appy Pie Design has a user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to create high-quality designs effortlessly. The platform provides a range of customizable templates that you can use as a base for your football posters. You can modify the templates as per your needs by adding text, images, and colors.

What are some ideas for a poster? ›

14 creative poster ideas for design inspirations.
  • Create synergy with graphic and text design. ...
  • Use icons in new, imaginative ways. ...
  • Use vibrant, eye-catching colors. ...
  • Rethink an object's potential. ...
  • Play with symmetry. ...
  • Use layers to transform your design. ...
  • Lots of solutions for lots of text.

How do you make a good football logo? ›

Symbol. The symbol is the most important part of your football logo, as it will be strongly associated with your team. Lots of teams choose to feature their mascot in their logo, while others prefer to use a monogram or an abstract symbol. Whatever your choice, make sure it ties well with your colors and typeface.

How do you make a football run through a banner? ›

With poles on either side they are most commonly used at youth, high school, and college football games. Parents or cheer team members hold the poles on either side while the Velcro strip allows the team to run or break through the banner as they run onto the field.

What is a good quote for football? ›

Motivational Football Quotes For Coaches and Players
  • “The only place that “success” comes before “work” is in the dictionary.” ...
  • “You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat.” ...
  • “When you win, nothing hurts.” ...
  • “Anyone can support a team that is winning – it takes no courage. ...
  • “Don't give up at half time.
Apr 17, 2020

What should be included in a football bio? ›

Number 1 — no fake names, this is obvious but please put your real name in your bio. Number 2 — have your legit height and weight, there is no point in lying about this because the coaches will find out anyway. Number 3 — have your coaches name and contact info in your bio so coaches know who to call.

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